Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Spoilers and Leaked Images

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Spoilers and Leaked Images

So, guys, this is the moment we all have waited for. Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Spoilers are here as well as leaked Images. 

If you guys want to get more hype for EP 128 then you better watch these spoilers and prepare your popcorns and Pizzas!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Spoilers and Leaked Images

In this image, we can see Vegeta is preparing Final Flash against Jiren. however, he looks badly injured. 

We have already seen Vegeta used Final Flash against Jiren in the past which did not affect Jiren at all, So likely this one will not do anything because he is in his base form now. 

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Spoilers and Leaked Images

Maybe after using Final Flash now, the prince is all out of energy and he might be remembering about his family.

The one thing I like most about Vegeta is he never gives up. He is fighting Jiren nonstop alongside with Goku for a long time but he still trying his best to give Goku time to recover his strength. I think we will see the same situation tomorrow which we had previously seen in Buu saga. Also, see Vegeta Ultra Instinct. 

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Spoilers and Leaked Images

[/lock] Goku’s eyes have begun to shine silver again in Episode 128. I think when Goku will see his partner Vegeta getting beat up by Jiren badly he will break through his shell again.

Another possibility is Vegeta might get eliminated in Ep 128 and so in order to save his universe, Ultra Instinct trigger inside Goku again.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Spoilers and Leaked Images

Wow! This is something we always wanted to see. Goku has finally hit Jiren in his Ultra Instinct form. Just look at Goku’s face. He seems totally calm, confident and fired up. 

In the last battle between Goku and Jiren, Goku could not able to hit Jiren properly because he was unable to maintain the form.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Goku vs Jiren

This is the final image we have for Episode 128. It must be the last scene of the episode where Goku vs Jiren 2nd battle will take place in Episode 129.

As Goku stamina is recovered thanks to Vegeta and he is in his Ultra Instinct form, what you guys think will Goku will be able to beat Jiren this time?

Meanwhile, Toei Animations has confirmed the new Dragon Ball Movie go and check it out here Origin of Saiyans.

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