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Animes are getting enormous popularity in young youth. Many of the Japanese animes has been a hit and we have today one of the best to discuss we have also have some info about The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 Release Date for you!

This one has covered more ground in less amount of time and we are not talking other than The Devil is a Part Timer that is based upon manga series similar to other animes styles.

The Past of The Devil is a Part Timer

The story focuses on Kuoh Academy or Kuo Gakuen which was a school old girl before becoming a co-ed organization. But the school has a secret concealed within it that nobody knows about that it is home to many fallen angels, both good and bad angel is there.

The Protagonist

Despite being a kind leader who sought to minimize harm and losses, Satan was well-known across the realms of Ente Isla as the great overlord of his people, his name synonymous with dread and brutality.

His true intentions were misunderstood because he ordered his generals to conquer the lands of Ente Isla without explaining what “conquer” meant, leading to each general conquering in his own way, leaving cruel actions and destruction in the Western and Southern Continents, tarnishing his name with bloodshed.

Sadao Maou is depicted to be a hardworking and proactive employee on Earth, but in his new existence, he is using his great drive and ambition to better himself.

Forced to spend time as a human and socialize with individuals he previously regarded as lower beings, the Devil King gradually gained an understanding of humanity and has since developed a kindhearted and cheery character, making him popular among both his colleagues and neighbors.

In a battle amongst demons, Satan’s family and friends were murdered, and the enemy left him behind to perish as a result of the carnage. He was discovered and rescued while lying lifeless on the ground, awaiting his death, by a mystery angel who chose to care for the boy and secure his safety.

Satan held tremendous demonic power as the Devil King. The demonic force is exceedingly powerful, and each user appears to have a distinct colored aura that signals its presence. That color is either black or red for him. He lost most of his abilities and was reduced to the point where he could only work as a normal human on Earth.

Finding magical sources was nearly tough due to the fact that magic is mostly only found in fiction. However, he may temporarily replenish his abilities by feeding off negative emotions such as terror and despair from sentient creatures in his environment.

Plot Summary

When the devil is defeated by a hero just as he is about to dominate the world, he lands up in present Tokyo. The devil, with no real-world skills, is forced into making situations better by flipping burgers at a fast-food business! To thwart the devil’s goals for world dominance, the hero follows the devil’s trail and works as a salesman.

The Devils is a Part Timer Season 2

After losing a battle against human forces, Satan and Alciel were forced to flee through The Gate. They get sucked into a new place because they are unable to navigate the gateway.

They end up on Earth in the center of Tokyo, Japan, where the strange atmosphere and advanced civilization fascinate both demons.

The two are hailed by a pair of police policemen who the Devil King swiftly recognizes as humans as they emerge from a dark alley.

Alciel tries to kill them with his magic, but he is unable to focus his abilities. Because their bodies have taken on human shapes, the Devil King tells his subordinate not to employ magic.

Satan magically hypnotizes the investigating officer and conducts his own interrogation after being escorted to the police station for questioning.

He learns the name of their new world and location as a result of this, as well as the fact that magic is considered a fantasy on Earth due to the lack of it.

The Devil is a Part Timer Characters with Cast:-

Satan Jacob is the main character of The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2, with Emi Yusa, Shirō Ashiya, and others. They all have a big part to play in this season.

Sadao Maou

Satan Jacob or Sadao Maou is the protagonist of the series. He used to be the Devil King, who attempted to seize the four continents by declaring war on Ente Isla.

Sadao Maou

However, he was forced to withdraw to Earth owing to the activities of Hero Emilia Justina and her friends, leading him to lose almost all of his powers.

Emi Yusa

Emi Yusa is a strong-willed and determined hero who possesses a number of wonderful attributes befitting a person in her position, including a pure heart, unlimited courage, everlasting loyalty to those closest to her, and a profound desire to defend the innocent.

She also lacks self-confidence and is frequently angered or upset. While she was first hesitant to become Ente Isla’s great hero, the loss of her father at the hands of Lucifer’s Army sparked a fire in the young hero’s heart, motivating her to train harder and strike against those who had destroyed her town.

She views all demons as her enemies as a result of her personal losses, particularly their leader, Satan Jacob.

Shirō Ashiya

He was one of Satan’s Four Great Demon Generals of the Demon King Army during his time in Ente Isla.

He also headed the eastern invasion army, which attacked the Eastern Continent but was forced to retire to the Central Continent after Hero Emilia beat the other three generals, and is now commanding all human troops to attack Satan’s stronghold.

He joined Satan through the Gate that the latter made with his remaining magic strength and escaped to Earth, landing in modern-day Tokyo, Japan, after being cornered by Emilia and her allies.

Sadao Maou / Satan JacobRyōta Ōsaka
Emi YusaYōko Hikasa
Shirō AshiyaYūki Ono
Chiho SasakiNao Tōyama
Hanzō UrushiharaHiro Shimono
Suzuno KamazukiKanae Itō
Rika SuzukiAsuka Nishi
Mayumi KisakiYumi Uchiyama
Emeralda EtuvaAzumi Asakura


The Devil is a Part Timer Manga

The Devil is a Part Timer Anime is based on a popular manga series of the same name. The Devil is a Part Timer light novel is written by Satoshi Wagahara with Oniku illustrations.

The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 Release Date

Number of Volumes and Chapters in The Devil is a Part Timer Manga

Last checked in February 2022, The Devil is a Part Timer Light Novel consists of about 21 volumes. The Devil is a Part Timer Manga has 27 volumes consisting of 176 chapters.

The light novel series was published in February 2011 by ASCII media works and is now published in 21 volumes. Grab a cup of tea and continue reading about The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! High School! is a spinoff set in an alternate universe that was also released between January 26, 2013, and April 24, 2015

Is The Devil is a Part Timer Over?

The manga series is still being published. The latest chapter was released on June 25, 2021. New chapters of the manga series are expected in 2022. But there are a lot of animes we can recommend to you:

Current Anime Season and the Light Novels

Season 2 will be based on volume 6 and later of the light novels, according to the show’s creators. While The Devil is a Part Timer Season 1 adapted volumes 1-5 of The Devil is a Part Timer Light Novel, and chapters 26 of The Devil is a Part Timer Manga. The anime will continue from the manga from chapter 26.

The Devil is a Part Timer Light Novel has ended and the final chapters might be adapted into anime soon.

The Devil is a Part Timer Characters

The Devil is a Part Timer Review

Critical Reception

The Devil is a Part Timer or Hataraku Mao Sama has received generally good ratings from critics.

Audience Rating

It has a weighted average score of 7.7 on IMDb and 89% by Google users. It has gained a large fan following and fans love it. There is a reason so many people are hyped for a new season.

Our Review

It does conclude with an arc, so it’s not completely stopping in the middle of nowhere, but there’s obviously a lot of room left that the light novels dive deeper into.

While the anime only adapts the series’ beginning and first main arc, it does provide a satisfying conclusion to that arc, so there is still a sense of closure. Yes, the characters will go on to have more adventures/funny antics after that point in the plot, but it’s not like the series finishes with no sort of climax.

However, it should be noted that the “season finale” is actually episode 12. “Episode 13” is a bonus episode that depicts a minor side plot and has no influence on the events of the season finale.

Solid animation, likable cast, and as good an ending as you could hope for when not entirely adapting source material.


Anime like The Devil is a Part Timer

There is a reason why it stands out from the regular show. And, if you can’t put yourself together when watching a show full of mystery, The Devil is a Part Timer may not be for you. But there are similar types of shows which might interest you.

It has everything an anime fan will need. Decent Story, Supernatural Elements, also the Devils themselves appear as human beings. Animes that have similar concepts or have something a The Devil is a Part Timer would like are:-

Blood Lad

Both Blood Lad and The Devil Is A Part Timer has supernatural entities encountering Japanese civilization.

While Maou is a demon with world-dominating ambitions who gets diverted by his fast-food job, Staz Charlie Blood is a vampire who is supposed to be overseeing territory and guzzling human blood but is only interested in anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

Classroom of Elite

Students make anime characters for an overwhelming majority, but romance and school drama are just two of the multiple genres a story can have. Classroom of Elite is one of those anime that takes the setting of the school and turns it upside down.


Noragami’s story begins with an average middle school girl named Iki Hiyori. She got into an accident one day, sometimes causing her soul to start slipping out of her body.

Hiyori found herself able to travel between two parallel worlds given the new ability, namely the Far Shore, where human souls and demons wander around, and the Near Shore, where humans and animals reside.

Highschool DxD

Highschool DxD move forward and ultimately it becomes apparent that something is wrong with the Knight of the Occult Research Club, Yuuto Kiba who is mostly composed and careful.

Issei finds out Kiba behaves unusually is due to his dark and bloody past in which he was subjected to a brutal experiment. In an attempt to find out more about the mystery and secrets, an old enemy comes back with the fresh ones and is left to problems that may be ahead.

The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 is Coming or Not?

The pilot season was a triumph, and the anime did not disappoint in surprising viewers. The Devil is a Part Timer Season 1 premiered from April to June 2013.

There are a lot of questions like Is The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 Cancelled? or Is The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 Confirmed?

The Devil is a Part Timer Anime

The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 has a large fan base that is eagerly anticipating the new season. It has a devoted fan base that matches practically anything else in anime.

The original series launched in 2011 with 029 illustrations and shipped the 17th major compiled volume on May 10. Recently, Wagahara told supporters he was unable to achieve a second season. The writer begins by finding out that everyone wants to know Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 is going to take place.

It’s been more than five years since its first season aired, but there’s still no official word about the show’s season 2.

What We Can Expect From The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2:

The Devil’s fans were left to take control of their imaginations because of the way it ended. That’s exactly why this show’s fans can’t wait for The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2. That’s not all, the fans have no choice but to look forward to its continuation when a series is successful.

This series has been a very successful season 1. Because of this, this series has many viewers in different parts of the world. Because of Season one because of its awesome existence, viewers can only imagine what season 2 devil will be like.

The Devil is a Part Timer Manga

The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 Release Date Expectations

Wagahara still says he’s the biggest fan of his anime series. But the sad news is that the release date is not yet confirmed. We hope that we will no longer have to wait for The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 or Hataraku Maou Sama Season 2. This anime was awesome!!!

As it stands, the release date for The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 is not really sure. Just as there is no guarantee that The Devil is a Part Timer Release Date is. With this in mind, the best thing you can do is wait patiently to stop getting frustrated.

Although we can predict that The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 Release Date will be in 2022.

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