How To Make Thermal Paste at Home

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There are tons of people on the internet who are probably searching for how to make thermal paste at home, and they exactly don’t know where to begin.

So we have made our own guide to help those people. After reading this guide you will be able to make your own homemade thermal paste and its alternative. You will learn the function of thermal paste and how it can increase the lifespan of your chip.

CAUTION: Before we begin we would like to let you know that these methods are just for temporary use for few months. like 3 months. Don’t use it for permanent use because it will dry in short time and your CPU will start overheating.

So what exactly Thermal Paste is and why it is necessary to apply it?

Thermal paste is a conductive chemical compound which is mostly used (applied) between the heatsink and chip. The chip could be a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) chip or a CPU (Central Processing Unit) chip. 

The main purpose to use thermal paste is to remove the air and spaces because if it is not used the air will act as a thermal insulator, Resulting overheating of the chip. Thermal paste improves the transfer of heat and provides more stability to the system. The heat is absorbed from the chip to the paste and then it is released from the fan of the heatsink.

BONUS TIP: Remove your old solidified paste gently with the end of spudger. Make sure you removed all the paste from both the heatsink and chip. And then clean it with an ArtiClean thermal remover or surface purifier and then apply your new paste. 

How to Make Thermal Paste/Thermal Paste Alternative

Things to remember:

We are not responsible if you caused any kind of damage to your processor or yourself.

Make sure you check your chip temperatures frequently after applying paste for a week. If it is overheating repeat the process. If it is still overheating then you have to buy the new paste.

Diamond Powder Thermal Paste

How to make thermal paste at home

There are 3 things you need in this method. One is the mask which can save you from Diamond Powder odor and dust. The second thing is Diamond powder which is obvious and third is silicon grease. Make sure you have new empty syringe which will make things easier later.

First, make sure you wear the mask and no matter what you don’t inhale the powder and odor because it is highly dangerous for your body.

In order to make a thermal paste with Diamond Powder you need to put the powder in a bag made of plastic and then you have to put the silicon grease in the same bag. After that put the bag on the ground and start mashing with your hand carefully and make sure you made it into viscous cream like liquid. 

Put your new homemade thermal paste into the syringe and apply gently on your processor. Make sure you remove the old paste before doing. 

Toothpaste Thermal Paste

How to make thermal paste at home

Yes, you heard it right, Toothpaste is one the best thermal paste alternative. The best thing about it is that it provides very high cooling and can drop your chip temperatures by several degrees. It works like you just bought a thermal paste from a store.

The biggest con while using toothpaste is that it will dry out rapidly. It will not last longer than 6-12 hours. It is the only downside of the toothpaste but, what if I tell you that you can remove this con from it? You can do that easily by mixing it with vaseline or any other petroleum jelly product. It will allow the toothpaste to run for long and increase its lifespan.

Few things you need to keep in mind is that the toothpaste which will you used must not contain grit because it will heavily affect the transference of heat. Another thing to keep in mind is that the product which will use should contain petroleum jerry in it.

The method to make the thermal paste with toothpaste is simple. First, you need to pour the toothpaste into your cup or bowl and then mix it with the vaseline or any other petroleum jelly product. Keep in mind that you don’t have to add exceed vaseline or anything because it will mess things up. 

Just add 70-80% toothpaste and 30-20% vaseline. Keep mixing it for the time until you see it is properly mixed and ready to aim and fire. After making your paste, load it into the syringe and gently apply it on the processor. 

Again we will tell you that this is just a temporary solution, Don’t make it a habit. Use these methods only when there is no other option available and replace it with good quality market thermal paste as soon as possible.

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