Origin of Saiyans! New Dragon Ball 2018 Movie Confirmed

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Origin of Saiyans

In Jump Festa, A major Japanese event which is held on every year annually in which biggest announcements take place about new Anime and Manga. 

In the event, it is officially confirmed that the franchise is having a new Dragon Ball Movie which will release some time in 2018 namely “Origin of Saiyans.”

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According to the translation by famous Dragon Ball fan Herms98:

Origin of Saiyans

The exact name of the new movie will be “The Strongest Warrior Race In The Universe, Saiyans”. According to the new title and translation, the story will mainly focus on the lives of Saiyans similar to Goku and Vegeta. Their early age and we might see the very new male as well as female Saiyans.

One thing for which people are excited about is that they might see the first and original Super Saiyan Yamoshi. About month ago Toriyama in his interview said that the Yamoshi is one of the earliest Saiyan who had become Super Saiyan even before Bardock and obviously Goku. 

Not only SSJ But also he was the first one to become Super Saiyan God. Beerus in his dreams saw Yamoshi as a Super Saiyan God instead of Goku. 

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According to the Vegeta in early Dragon Ball Z episode after watching Goku neutralizing Ginyu Force without any effort. He stated that the first Super Saiyan was first emerged 3 Thousand years ago (3000) who was destroyed by his own power. According to this theory, we can consider that Saiyan was Yamoshi.

The plot and design of the characters will be handled by one and only Toriyama. There is nothing confirmation about that the new movie will have any relation to Dragon Ball Super or any other Dragon Ball Movie.

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