Drifters Season 2 – Release Date 2022 and Anime Update

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The Drifters anime story is taken from a manga series with the same name. We have information on the Drifters season 2 release date. The popular manga story was written by Kouta Hirano and he illustrated it too. Its manga got published on 30th April 2009 and got hits immensely After it aired in September of 2016, the anime version went on air every Tuesday and Friday at 8:00 P.M. The anime next season might be near.

A Japanese anime follows traditional themes such as fate, life, and death. The show ended in December 2016, but many thought there would be a sequel due to the ending of the last part similar scenario which happened in High School DxD.

It was renewed soon after the end of the first one, however, it is still unconfirmed if this will happen again at all. All the fans are excited for the next installment to air, but they don’t know when Drifters Season 2 release date might be near.

drifters season 2

Is It Going To Happen?

In 2016, the studio released an official statement that said dragger would return with a second season. It has been nearly five years since we last heard the news of the anime renewal. No production information is available and there are no updates from their offices about it. The second series is just around the corner, we can feel it coming? NO! we are more excited for Seven Deadly Sins Season 4! 😀

Drifters new release date is as of yet unknown, but the last episode of the previous installment ended with a cliffhanger suggesting it will continue at some point. Though no specific date has been set, it’s likely that season 2 is coming sooner than we think.

drifters season 2 release date

Drifters Season 2 Release Date Expectation:

As of now, there is no release date for it. The studio has only confirmed about next installment but after that there is nothing. There is no news regarding the development of the series. We don’t think that even the production has started.

The success of Drifters Season One, which used up four volumes in just 13 episodes, has led to a sequel consisting of only eight episodes. It remains to be seen who will produce the second season with only two volumes airing thus far.

The next episode is not being produced until there are more planned plot points in the storyline from which to draw material for producing a new series of episodes.

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drifters anime

What is the Storyline of the Next Part?

An English person gets teleported to a fantasy world in Drifters season 2. Shimazu Toyohisa belongs to the middle age world which isn’t quite advanced. In contrast, the new world is much more high-tech, with fantastic beasts and other people who are different from those in his homeland. A new place provides a lot of challenges, but soon he finds out that there are also many people who can help him.

With regards to a second season, nothing has been announced yet. We don’t know what will happen or how the story will end. There is no spoiler released by any organization. Since the first season covered 3 volumes of the Drifters manga, only 3 volumes are left for the next part.

Hence, the source material may not be enough to produce another season. But the good news is the production team and the author, both are working hard to write more content.

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