Log Horizon Season 3 – Release Date And News

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If you’re a big anime fan, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Log Horizon, a video game story, suspense, drama, and the most fitting survival.

There was a lot of talk about a coming out of season 3. Some sources say season 3 is confirmed, while others say that an official announcement has not yet been made.

We’ll tell you the truth about season 3 in this post, and why we think fans have to wait a while before Log Horizon Season 3 comes out. Here’s all we know about Season 3’s chances so far.

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Log Horizon Season 3 What Are The Possibilities? 

Log Horizon season 2 was premiered on October 4, 2014, and although a significant amount of time has passed since then, we also agree that the series has a chance to return with a Season 3. 

Second, there are multiple story arcs in the manga, so there is plenty of scope in the Elder Tale world to explore new worlds and characters. 

In October, the other two previous seasons are released, people say the new season will also be announced in October. Because the studio is quiet about a new release, don’t plan this year to see season 3 arrive. 

In 2020, we could just see season 3 next year. There have been reports that the organization is delaying the publication of the anime so it can create the interest of the media and attract the fans. This might be real, or a lie, but we have to wait before we get the new updates at the end of the day. 

Log Horizon Season 3 plot isn’t much understood. People who read the novels and manga may have a decent idea of what to expect in season 3 if it comes out, but not what storyline will be included and will not be. Perhaps there is a new season rolling out, and we can all enjoy it.

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Log Horizon Season 3

What Is All About Log Horizon?
Log Horizon, is a novel series created by Mamare Touno and drawn by Kazuhiro Hara. They initially published the novel online on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website.
As the story grew in popularity, Enterbrain bought it and in 2011 it started to be distributed in Japan. Yen Press began publishing the book in English in 2015. This was when the show started to really get attention. 
The book has become four manga versions. The first three tell the story from the point of view of the supporting character, and one from the point of view of the narrator of the main story.

The first season of which took place on October 5, 2013. Log Horizon returned with Season 2 on October 4, 2014, and fans of both the manga and the anime series have been eagerly awaiting updates on Log Horizon Season 3 since then. 

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The Storyline of Log Horizon:

It is an anime about a college engineering student named Shiroe who ends up getting stuck among thousands of other people in a video game.

Shiroe and his Akatsuki and Naotsugu mates are trapped in the Elder Tale smash-hit game where they have to battle other players and even monsters to keep living. During the game, the three friends meet and team up to try and solve a variety of complex puzzles and flee from the game and return to earth. 

Log Horizon Season 3

While Shiroe is a socially awkward college student, he is leading the group, and he is also strengthening its vulnerabilities and flaws.

Main Characters of The Show:
Shiroe seems to be an Elder Tale veteran in the series, having played the game since he was in middle school. 

However, despite his introversion, Shiroe is not someone who shies away from challenges, and we see him going out of his way throughout the show to help those who really need help. 

Naotsugu is another main character in the show who finds himself stuck in the Elder Tale world, sadly. Naotsugu’s character in the game belongs to the Human Guardian-Border Patrol class, and he’s a trustworthy tank that can take enormous abuse on his side.

Akatsuki is a Human Assassin-Tracker in the game that is often underrated for its small stature. She is, however, capable of massive challenge feats and acts as a ninja for Shiroe’s squad. That being said, Shiroe and her friends were priceless.

Before it came out, Nyanta, like Shiroe, was a beta-tester of Elder Tale and is a veteran of the game, far older in real life than his friends. Nyanta is a Swashbuckler-Chef from Werecat in the match who wields two rapiers and is a highly skilled swordsman. 

Besides his fighting prowess, Nyanta also has a special value for the group as he is able to cook real food in the Elder Tale universe where everything else looks like unseasoned Japanese rice wafers.

While not being a main character in the show, Minori is very important to the team of Shiroe. A Human Kannagi-Apprentice, Minori and her twin brother were beginners to the game and were trained by Shiroe before the disaster struck and they were all stuck in Elder Tale’s world.

Minori’s twin brother, Tohya, is a middle school student, 14 years old, who gets trapped in the game. A Human Samurai-Accountant, Tohya learns the game’s ropes quickly after being trapped and playing small but important parts in the grand schemes of Shiroe.

Log Horizon Season 3

Is There Any English Dubbed Version of The Anime? 
Yes, you can watch all the episodes dubbed in the language on Crunchyroll for people who are comfortable with English. The series is dubbed by professional voice actors who lent their voices to the show characters. 

Those who like to watch the anime series with English subtitles in Japanese, though, will definitely binge on Hulu for the shows.

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Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date: 

We do not absolutely exclude the risk of this occurring. Because in March 2018 Volume 11 was published, it leaves enough source material for Log Horizon Season 3, around 12 to 13 episodes which can be considered a short season.

Sadly, as there is not enough source material, it can not broadcast 25 episodes like its predecessors did.

Interestingly, since after a long hiatus, the writer resumed Log Horizon, there is a slight chance that Mamare will launch a bunch of new volumes. Several light novel excerpts were also released online as web novels.

If everything goes for the fans, we should predict Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date in 2020. Because the show creator has decided to continue his project, it is likely to be released in the future.

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date
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