Sony 65-inch 4K LED got a $300 cut off on early Black Friday deals

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Sony 65-inch 4K LED got a $300 cut off on early Black Friday deals

Earlier this year, Sony launched its beast 65-inch 4K LED TV (XBR65X900E) for $1,998. Later price was reduced to $1,799.

But now Amazon is giving you a chance to buy this LED for only $1,498. Thanks to its early Black Friday deals. However, the real Black Friday is starting from 24 November.

There many other online retailers who are selling 4K LED TV, but comparatively Amazon is giving a greater discount than the others.

This TV comes in 4 different variants in sizes 49, 55, 65 and 75-inch. You can download apps, whatever you like due to its Smart Operating System. The reviews are pretty good and specially if you are into gaming then this Smart TV will perform definitely well for you.

Related: Samsung Ultra Wide 49-inch Monitor CHG90.

We are expecting even more awesome discounts on Amazon and other stores in this Winter season.

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