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Azur Lane’s machinery scheme is very complex and the secret to achievement in this match is to use the correct materials in the correct scenario.
Some participants may attempt Azur Lane for the sake of beautiful Waifus, but most of them will get stuck once they get a flavor of the complicated boat scheme and incredible maritime fights.
The play not only includes hundreds of distinct vessels and personalities, but it can also, be fitted with guns and objects that can either win or lose commitments. Even the information is available for those players who the just starting. 
That’s why we’ve placed together this Azur Lane Equipment Guide to clarify the game’s primary kinds of guns and give some advice on how to use them effectively in one’s fleet.

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Azur Lane Equipment Has The Following Stats:

Our guide will first tell you about the stats so you can understand Azur Lane Weapon Guide better later.

Damage: The first one is the damage of the bullet based on it. The second one is the number of bullets per shot fired.
Fire Rate: The first relates to the increase in the statistics obtained by the ship equipping this product, the second is relates to the velocity at which the weapon can be fired in battle.
Fire Power: When equipped, the state provided by this device. Equipment with higher rarity will give more bonus rate.
Fire Angle: Guns are going to have distinct perspectives for distinct vessels. For example, guns for the angle of 360 degrees.
Spread Range: The distance between the fired bullets. Lower spread range means that the bullets are more focused, hitting a single target is more likely for all. On the other side, a weapon with a wide range can strike various opponents but is often only helpful as an additional weapon (for instance on battleships) for dealing with bombers or other low-HP targets.
Range: How far will a bullet go.
Ammo Type: You almost never want to use Normal ammo, merely because across the table the other two types are much stronger. HE (explosive), or AP (armor penetration), HE ammo causes more harm and can float, but is easier to load, whereas AP ammo provides modifications to the armor of the target and should be used against very robust vessels. Otherwise, AP does less harm, but it costs more quickly.

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Our Exclusive Azur Lane Equipment Guide Contains The Following Main/Best Guns:

Azur Lane Equipment Guide
It’s is difficult to tell that in Azur Lane, one weapon is the greatest. Not only are the most weapons situational, but it depends on the ships that use them whether they are effective or not. We have chosen to include suggestions instead of a level catalog that can assist you to identify which weapons are preferred in certain scenarios. This manner, even before you have a look at top-tier equipment, you will understand how to prioritize between your items.
We’ll get more strong weapons as the play advance. But here is a fast overview of the finest weapons for now. They have the best style of shooting and the greatest damage per second.
Most Light Cruisers work not with proc-based buffs, but with direct damage, as well as supporting abilities. As such, DMG statistics should be prioritized to the detriment of Fire Rate. In addition, if you are planning to use a CL weapon on a Light Cruiser as the main weapon, you should aim for a low spread range. CL guns are one of the powerful In Azur Lane Equipment.
You should prioritize DMG stats, as well as HE and AP ammo as with Light Cruiser firearms. The latter is especially helpful against light to heavy armor ships, which is going to be the main objectives or targets of a Heavy Cruiser. Don’t miss that CAs have a very restricted rotation of the tower (40 degrees), which basically implies that they can only fire stuff straight in front of them. You should always go for the main gun with the low spread range.
There are two main factors why you would be equipping a Destroyer with weapons – either to increase their harm output or to assist activate their fighting skills. If the first is your target, then the main gun with elevated DMG stats should be selected. By contrast, if you need your DD to proc more frequently, you should search for the High Fire Rate main weapon. The best type of Ammo for DDs is, by far, HE; however, as a beginner, you will bring what you get.
These weapons are quite distinct from the remainder. For one thing, DMG stats are less helpful and useful in determining their effectiveness as BBs appear to shoot very gently and slowly. You need to think how much damage a gun would do-over moment, rather than in a given salve, to get a precise image. Battleship / Battlecruiser weapons also have a much broader shooting range, allowing them to go back for guards. In their situation, HE ammo is much superior to AP.

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Our Selected Auxilary Guns For BattleShip:

Our Azur Lane Equipment Guide contains the following ideas about the BattleShips.

Normal Battleships are able to equip Light Cruiser guns as an auxiliary weapon. The USS Battleship and some Battlecruisers will only be able to equip destroyer guns as auxiliary weapons.
Not all Azur Lane ships can equip secondary or supplementary weapons, but some particular units can do so. This is not simply related to their category, but to the ship itself. In addition, “secondary guns” per se do not exist. these are just periodic weapons you placed on a ship in appropriate spaces to enable you to do so.

Azur Lane Equipment Guide
Some light or Heavy Cruisers are able to equip secondary weapons and generally prefer DD guns with HE ammo, ideally. Big ships placed in the backline (such as Battleships or Battlecruisers) can equip both DD and CL guns as auxiliaries, but the latter has a higher per-hit damage output, which often makes them a better match.
Secondary weapons for backline ships are primarily intended to dispose of those cumbersome suicide ships that would otherwise explode in your face. As such, the guns you choose are far more important than having high damage per hit over time. This ensures that they actually kill the target before the target blows up when they are fired (most likely once per battle).
In fact, they destroy the aim before it breaks up. In this situation, it’s a close decision between HE and AP ammo, but most competitors appear to prefer HE because of their extra harm to low armor ships.
Some of the most important guns for battleship are:
  1. Torpedos
  2. Anti Air Guns
  3. Dive-Bombers/Fighters
  4. Bomb Damage
  5. Torpedo Bombers 1
  6. Torpedo Bombers 2
Credits: Misbah Nadir
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