Hakoom – Meet The Gamer Who Own 1,200 Platinum Trophies

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Hakam Karim later after his achievement usually known as Hakoom now. He surely surpassed all of us in gaming. He said that he successfully collected all of the platinum trophies on all games he played on PlayStation Network.  

Enter Hakoom

He said:

“Soon as I heared about PlayStation trophies update, I got pumped, I wanted to participate and wanted my name listing in the top 10. Once I reached the top 10, I realized I should be able to rank first because I was unlocking trophies more and more trophies in very short time. It reminded me of the days I used to play MMOs.

Since he heard about the trophies it was his only goal to achieve. He was making competition with another PS4 player. He and his rival were the only 2 people who were about to break the 1200th Platinum Trophy. But Hakoom took the first place by beating the last game know as NIOH and at the same time unlocking the 1200 trophy.

During his journey, he said he has finished almost every type of game from open world to puzzle. Still, you must be wondering how did he get so much time to finished 1200 to 100%.

Take a look what Hakoom said about that:

I go to office then I get back to my house, eat and then play games for a few hours, I go to spend time with my family, go out  but not for long and then get back and play games again and then finally sleep.

He was aware that people might call him crazy but he does not care about that, In an interview with Eurogamer he said that he spends hours and hours into the game just to earn the Platinum Trophy, Also he said that people who are ashamed to play games are just weak, they care about the people that what they say if someone is playing game, He said he ignore such things.

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