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Code Geass Season 3 – Release Date, Update and Information

When the animated series first season was released, it quickly became successful. Eventually, it gained its own fans. In reality, with a large fan base, the show is supposed to be among the anime.

Now, viewers may have heard that “Code Geass Season 3”  is a feature film called “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection.” But here’s an interesting turn of events that some may not yet realize, Lelouch is alive in the film.

What is the future of Season 3? Sunrise studio has just launched a film called Lelouch of the Resurrection. No matter what you read about season 3 of the anime, the series is still to be revealed. Let’s see what Code Geass is before we get to the main topic.

There were 25 episodes of season 1 and 2 respectively. The anime in the family was a massive hit. People of many different interests, thanks to its charm, fell in love with the show. The show ‘ highly intellectual games are just too good.

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Is Code Geass Season 3 Related With The New Movie?

There is still a lot of confusion surrounding the season 3 and whether it will happen or not. There is no word from the anime creators to start things off that they renewed the series for a third installment.
Most of the confusion surrounding the Code Geass Season 3 stems from the film released many months ago. The film’s plot will serve as an alternative timeline to anime adaptation, creating a new direction in which Lelouch the show’s main character is alive and well.

As to the fate of the show going forward, as of this date, little significant has arisen, and it is doubtful that this will be brought up unless another film is made. And when that happens, there is no way that the story around Season 3 will re-emerge

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What Happened in Season 1:
The first season story follows Lelouch Lampeouge, Brittania’s former royalty, as a student and the leading protagonist. One day, in a dangerous situation, he finds himself in a crossfire between the rebel forces of Area 11 and the oppressors of Brittany. He is lucky to be able to escape.

He then meets C.C., a beautiful green hair woman who gives him the “Kings ‘ Strength,” Geass. It let Lelouch, without doubt, make someone he makes eye contact with follow him. Realizing the immense power that he has, he continues his quest under Zero’s identity to take revenge on Brittania.

Season 2 Back Story:

After the eventful Black Revolution, a year has passed; the failed attempt to topple the British Empire, led by Zero, who is missing. The resistance group of the Black Knights –Area 11 is at a loss when their leader, Zero, is gone, they find themselves powerless in the battle against Brittania, which has now increased drastically in power to prevent a future revolt like the Black Rebellion.
Lelouche Lamperouge, Zero’s real identity, has lost all his memory of his role as Zero, as a regular high school student living a peaceful life with his loved ones. C.C., his former partner, is not pleased that things turned out and decides to take credit for helping Lelouch restore his memories, hoping to awaken genius Zero.

Code Geass Season 3 Release Date:

Personally, I believe Code Geass Season 3 Release Date would not take place as the series was quiet all these years (nearly a decade) and the anime ended at the end of Season 2 story-wise. That was until the release of Lelouch of the Resurrection.

If one takes place, it might not be in the near future, perhaps in the fall of 2020 or in the winter of 2021. Sure the show remains a beloved audience, but the writers inactivity with respect to the anime series reduces Season 3’s prospects. But you never know, perhaps it will come back better than ever before and take the world of anime by storm.

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Code Geass Season 3 Possibilities:

The good news is that the third movie finished with the life of Lelouch as he bequeathed Suzaku’s Zero name. If the creators deem it necessary to create a fourth film, then they do have some avenues to explore as opposed to Code Geass Season 3 where it would’ve moved forward without Lelouch. Fun fact, he flew with C.C after Lelouch gave up the Zero mantle. And the alias L.L. took over, which Taniguchi explained as Lelouch’s idea of a proposal.

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