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Classroom of Elite Season 2 Release Date

The ‘ Classroom Of The Elite ‘ is based on a light novel, which was also adapted in January 2016 to a Youkoso Jitsuryoku manga series. It’s written by Syohgo Kinugasa and Yuyu Ichino does the illustration and the manga is up to Volume 4. Studio Lerche has backing up the anime series.

The first season came out for the first time on 12 July 2017 and classroom of elite season 2, we can expect it will arrive for 2020 or 2021 sometime.

Basically, classroom of elite revolves around a bunch of students at Tokyo’s Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School. Most anime at school has a rather typical place. These are typically slice-of-life comedies or dramas with a romantic story line that has to do with surviving yet another school festival or summer holiday. But, school in Japanese anime is more than just a setting for love to bloom.

Students make anime characters for an overwhelming majority, but romance and school drama are just two of the multiple genres a story can have. Elite Classroom is one of those anime which takes the setting of the school and turns it upside down.


Considering that we do not have an official news yet, it’s difficult to predict a release date of “classroom of elite season 2” as of now. However, Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 has fewer to no release chances in 2020. It may take the studio a while to make the anime.

Let’s look at the possibilities that drive us to assume “classroom of elite season 2” is coming. One positive factor, as discussed earlier, is that the manga still contains enough content and material to make a second season.

The first season came out for the first time on 12 July 2017 and concluded with 12 episodes on 27 September 2017. The fact that only 3 volumes of the light novel series were used to produce the first installment, we know there are 7 more volumes of the manga still to be published.

In the future, with 12 episodes each, the amount of material and content that is there, we can be blessed with two whole new seasons “classroom of elite season 2”. While we don’t really have an official date for the second season’s release, we can expect it will arrive for 2020 or 2021 sometime.


“Classroom of the elite ” English Dubbed Episodes are available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. and in future classroom of elite season 2 will also be available in English Dubbed.


The famous anime series is about students on a journey where not only do they have to overcome a challenging academic curriculum, but also obstacles outside the four walls of the classrooms.

Unlike most shows, where students are shown to do something against the whole concept of “with great power comes great responsibility,” this show is about teens actually taking responsibility in a special and unseen manner.

The series deals with the social issues teens are going through these days, such as depression, fear of rejection and losing out, anxiety and so much more. Each character in the show has some dark quality or motive about itself that makes this story even more exciting and relatable.

Set in the future version of Japan, the government is creating a nurturing school called the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced High School, with the sole purpose of educating the country’s next generation so they can help the country in the future.

This institute is highly respected by the government because they believe that this institute produces leaders who may lead the country to success in the future. This institute’s students have no limitations on their dress code or how they carry themselves.

There are 4 types of classes in total: A, B, C, D. As is obvious, A is the best class and D is the worst class. The story’s protagonist is Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, a boy who lacks confidence and is placed in D-class.

As he always fails to make friends, he is not the most social person in his class. however, when he comes across Suzune Horikita, who insists that Kiyotaka is much smarter and needs to be put in a class other than D-class, his life begins to change for the better.

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  • Kiyotaka Ayanokoji:

The main protagonist who is an unmotivated student who communicates very poorly with others. His grades are deliberately average and he is well aware of how he spends his points.

  • Kikyou Kushida 

A famous girl who is also in Class D with a seemingly nice and happy personality, and who also seeks to make friends with everyone at school.

  • Kei Karuizawa

One of the top student in Class D , who has problems with character. She seems to form a very close trusting relationship with Kiyotaka in the light novels, and finds that he has a dark secret side that he doesn’t want people to know where Kiyotaka is shown to trust her more than others, and she is shown to grow a crush on Kiyotaka in volume 6 of the light novel.

  • Suzune Horikita

She is an aloof, cold-hearted and unfriendly student, considered to be an intelligent beauty that sits in class next to Kiyotaka and is also cautious how she spends her points.

  • Airi Sakura

A girl in photography who, due to her anxiety and nervousness, has been put in Class D, causing her to have difficulty communicating and engaging with others.

  • Yousuke Hirata

The top student in Class D. His grades are deserving of being in a higher class but for reasons yet to be clarified he ended up trapped in Class D.

He’s in a “relationship” with Karuizawa, though this has been revealed in the light novels to be a ruse and a cover-up so she won’t get bullied in school.

  • Rokusuke Kouenji

He is a narcissist, who belongs to a wealthy, well-known family of academics because he is fitted with great physical abilities and intellect, but he ended up in Class D because he was too vain and egotistical to be able to work with others.

  • Maya Sato

A girl in the class of Kiyotaka who took a liking to him.

  • Teruhiko Yukimura 

Boy with great intelligence. His poor athletic ability landed him in class D despite his academic ability.

  • Kanji Ike 

One of the “3 Class D Fools,” who has poor intelligence, though he has excellent communication skills and camping experience. Kushida is also shown to have a crush.

  • Haruki Yamauchi

One of the ” 3 Fools of Class D,” who has tendencies to lying. He has a crush on Kushida too, but also has feelings for Sakura. He confesses to Sakura in the spin-off volume of the light novel but is rejected because of her incapacity and awkward handling of the uncomfortable situation and her feelings for Kiyotaka.

  • Ken Sudou

One of the “3 Class D Fools,” who is also a team player in basketball and is in the basketball club. Even though he has the best athletic ability compared to his peers, he has a very low intellect, a short temperature and thin skin like personality making him easily angry and irritated, which it was not for the intervention of Horikita and Kiyotaka, would have had him expelled twice.

Some other characters of classroom of elite season 2 are in Class A,B,C, student council and faculty like: Kakeru Ryuuen,

Mio Ibuki, they are the student of class C.

The students of Class B and A are: Honami Ichinose, Ryuuji Kanzaki , Alice Sakayanagi,

Kouhei Katsuragi.


Hoping that Volume 4 would follow classroom of elite season 2 of this anime series, the next story that will follow would be the group battles back on the cruise ship. This time however all the students were separated and divided into 12 groups by their respective zodiac signs.

This challenge is not about survival but about testing their brains as each group will have to figure out who the VIP is in the other groups. However, the test inhibited competition between groups, and the elites realized the exam ‘s goal and began their machinations to manipulate the outcome. The classroom of elite season 2 is filled with exciting plots and dramas.


As there are no official reports on the release and cast of “Classroom of the Elite Season 2,” the cast of season 2 is not yet confirmed. Yet all the cast of season 1 is expected to return in classroom of elite season 2. We may expect new cast members to join the team too. Season 1 cast anticipated to return. are:

  • Arisu Sakayanagi. 
  • Kouhei Katsuragi.
  • Honami Ichinose.
  • Kiyotaka Ayanokji.
  • Suzune Horikita.
  • Kikyo Kushida.
  • Sae Chabashira. 


Classroom of elite season 2 official trailer on YouTube


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